Welcome to Empty Field Zendo


The zendo will be closed on September 20 and 27. Please join us again on October 4, 2015.


Fall Retreat

Empty Field will hold its 2015 Fall Sesshin at Christian Renewal Center in Dickinson, TX on November 5-8.


Often, when we least expect it, even in the midst of our busy lives, something or someone touches something deep in us that we all yearn for. It may be a simple handshake from an old friend, or the stunning redness of an apple. It may be when passing a field of fall wildflowers or receiving unexpected help from a stranger. It is a longing we usually know only dimly, being distracted by life’s demands, but it is always running through us like a river. We can call it a longing for wholeness or Interconnectedness or intimacy, but to open to it is the doorway for great joy and peace.

Our Fall Zen retreat is an opportunity through practice to do just that. We put aside our daily demands and distractions, quiet our minds and open our hearts to this deeper connection.

This retreat weekend offers silent meditation, private interviews with the teacher, dharma talks and time to explore the questions of our life under cool autumn skies.

NOTE: This is the only multi-day retreat Empty Field Zendo will host in 2015.

The weekend sesshin will be held at the Christian Renewal Center in Dickinson, TX. The Center is located south of Houston in beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Ray CicettiThe retreat will be led by Ray Ruzan Cicetti, a Zen teacher who leads the Empty Bowl Zendo in Morristown, New Jersey. Ray is a dharma heir of Roshi Robert Kennedy (S.J.). He is also a psychotherapist in private practice with an emphasis on stress-related problems, relationship issues, and bringing spirit back into the therapeutic relationship. He is married with a grown son and two grandchildren.

We hope you can join us.



Regular Meetings

Empty Field Zendo is a community of people supporting each other in Zen meditation practice. Our emphasis is zazen (zah-zen, sitting meditation), which is a practice that can awaken us to our true nature without reference or dependency on any other factor, such as race, gender, or religious affiliation. People of all faiths, or none, are welcome.

Beginner instruction is held on the last Sunday of each month from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. If you have never sat with Empty Field or another Zen group, you are welcome to register in advance for Beginner Instruction. Our beginner instruction includes information about Zen, Empty Field, and zendo protocol, as well as providing practical instruction on sitting postures and an opportunity to practice sitting and ask questions. Beginners can then join the group for the final 25-minute sitting period of the evening and the reading of literature.

Meditation meetings are held every Sunday evening from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at Unity Church of the Bay Area. Please plan on being on your cushion or in your seat by 5:25 PM. All are welcome.